Our company was established in 2006 at Çayırova, KOCAELİ, TURKEY; started its commercial activities with the import, stocking and forwarding of industrial coal, sized coal, coke, pig iron and ferroalloys.

In time, it can be obtained from domestic and abroad in accordance with changing market conditions.

- Coke  (coke breeze, metallurgical coke, foundry coke)

- Pig iron  (basic pig, foundry pig, nodular pig)

- Ferro alloys (ferro silicon, ferro manganese, ferro silico manganese, ferro chrome, chromite sand)

- Silica sand (wet & dry; bulk, bigbag, silobas)

It serves the “foundry industry” sector with its products,

Since our establishment, we continue our services in imported and domestic coal (steam coal, sized coal) and imported anthracite coal.

Our aim;  to present them to the foundry sector with the best possible prices and payment terms, by carefully researching the raw materials and products needed by the foundry industry in Turkey and abroad.

In line with this purpose, we continue to work both meticulously and regularly, and to develop our portfolio of foreign producers and raw materials as well as our domestic casting manufacturers.

We are able to stock and forwarding all kinds of foundry materials in our stock area that belongs to our company. It is our priority to keep the materials and products needed by the industry in our stock continuously and to forwarding them regularly when necessary.


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   Yavuz Sultan Selim Street, No:99/A Cayirova / Kocaeli / TURKEY
   +90 0262 743 83 15
   +90 0555 964 38 43