Kalori coal oil mining and  foreign trade   industrial limited company was established in 2006, since established  as an active company in “import coal market in Turkey”,

our company interest  in  particularly;
-industry (steam) coal
-Heating (sized), coal
-foundry coke
-blast furnace coke
-Coke breeze
Engaged in importing.Our company is in compliance with flexible working conditions, we have capability of quickly and smoothly operation, taking accordance with the terms of the day; we import coals;
-bulk by vessels and by containers,
-in bigbags  by  containers and by  trucks
Turkey imported coal, coke and anthracite markets is growing year by year  and our company  pace of work actively in turkish import coal market.
According to the conditions of the day's, we  imports,
coal from       ;Russia, Ukranie, S.Africa,
coke               ;from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Europe
anthracite      ; from Ukraine, Russia
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 +90 0262 743 83 15  +90 0262 743 83 10
 info@kalori.com.tr  +90 0555 964 38 43